Lily Clark is a Los Angeles based artist and designer. Although she works across a variety of materials, including stone, ceramic, and metal, water is her primary medium. These works are grounded in a fascination with light, sound, and fluid dynamics. Through close observation and successive experimentation, she attempts to highlight these natural elements and offer a moment of tranquility in the home.


2023 Wallpaper*
2023 Leibal
2023 LA Magazine
2023 Design Milk
2022 Wallpaper*
2022 Sight Unseen
2020 Apartment Therapy
2019 New York Magazine
2019 Sight Unseen
2019 Architectural Digest (Clever)
2019 Ignant
2019 Design Milk


2024 Class of ‘24, Triennale Milano Wallpaper*, Milan, IT
2023 Pipes Canyon, HDTS, Joshua Tree, USA
2023 Reciprocity, DH Studio, Los Angeles, USA
2023 Ephemeral Notes, Eyn Vas, Los Angeles, USA
2023 Inherited Earth, Fe26, Tinos, Greece
2022 Design Miami, Stroll Garden, Miami, USA
2022 House & Garden, Stroll Garden, Los Angeles, USA
2022 Slow Melt, The Pot Shop, Los Angeles, USA
2022 Confluence, Some Clouds, Los Angeles, USA
2022 Kanna, Shiro Oni, Fujioka, Japan