Design Miami 2022, Stroll Garden

November 30 - December 4, 2022

For Design Miami/ 2022 Curio, Stroll Garden is excited to showcase new ceramic work by artist Lily Clark, alongside new minimalist woodwork by the studio Prísma. The exhibition will also feature textural ceramic vessels by Raina Lee and Jane Yang-D’Haene. The exhibition will take the form of a Southern California-inspired garden landscape, complete with gravel and native plants.

Lily Clark works with water as her primary medium.  Her elegant, geometric ceramic fountains draw inspiration from California geology and mimic the shapes of large-scale systems used to control and channel water. On view at Design Miami/ will be large-scale compositions that incorporate stones sourced from the gulf of Baja in La Paz, which Clark spent months fine-tuning to achieve her desired water flow and sound. Clark will also debut new birdbath pieces that highlight the qualities of still water: glassy, reflective, and deceptively cavernous. The interior of the basin is glazed in a rich black, heightening the luster of the water’s surface. When placed outside, the black water lights up like a James Turrell skyspace, reflecting the changing light of the sky and clouds.

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