Never plug in the fountain without water in the basin. If the pump runs dry it will break. However, if the pump breaks, please get in contact for a replacement.

Avoid contact with any debris that may clog the pump. Disconnect the power and empty the basin if the fountain is not in use for an extended period of time.


To care for the body of the fountain, hand rinse with water and mild soap.

If the pump is making noise, it’s likely time to clean it and replace the water. Dust or debris are probably trapped between the face plate and the pump body that need to be removed with a Q-tip and running water. 

Disconnect the pump from the adapter. Remove the pump from the valve and open up the face plate. Next, gently pry off the sealing cover and remove the magnetic impeller. Run the body of the pump and its parts under water to remove any debris. Use a Q-tip to clean inside the pump body and double check that all particles are removed from the pump and the basin. 


Slight variations are to be expected from the online image. If your item is found damaged as a result of shipping, please contact me within 72 hours of receipt. I will request documentation in order to process a claim through the carrier and advise on the refund or exchange for the purchased item.

If the pump ceases to function within one year of purchase we will replace it. Not covered in this warranty are damage from electrical outages, if the pump is left running with no water, if it is not cleaned regularly. With regular care the pump should last many years.


If you are purchasing from a country whose borders charge duty to imported merchandise, you will be requested to pay for this import fee by the postal service, which then pays your government.