House & Garden, Stroll Garden

Los Angeles, California
April 28 - June 11, 2022

House & Garden is a two-artist exhibition of all new works by Lily Clark and Analuisa Corrigan. Conceived as a singular installation, the show welcomes viewers into a home of domestic items rendered in clay by Corrigan and a garden of working ceramic fountains by Clark, complimented by live plant vignettes created by Alice Lam of A.L. BASA. In recontextualizing the familiar, the artists invite a moment of pause to reengage our senses and reconsider our relationship to often overlooked elements of the everyday, both domestic and elemental.

With her ceramic fountains, Clark investigates light, sound, and movement. For Clark, water, rather than clay, is at the heart of her practice.  Her elegant, architectural pieces mimic the shapes of large-scale systems used to control and channel it. Whereas Corrigan works intuitively, Clark’s process embraces precision, reflecting her interest in engineering. After drafting a design, she rolls slabs of clay and cuts using a template, then carefully joins the seams. The surface is left unglazed to contrast with the water’s luster.  In new, large-scale fountains on view in House & Garden, Clark incorporates stones in her compositions. The artist spent six months sourcing these stones from the Whitewater quarry just outside of Palm Springs, and fine tuning the design to achieve her desired water flow and sound.

For the exhibition, Clark’s fountains will be arranged within an “indoor garden” by Alice Lam, whose Los Angeles-based creative studio A.L. BASA specializes in sculptural floral installations. Lam’s site-specific design references Buddhist Zen gardens created around works by Isamu Noguchi, as well as plants that are representative of California biodiversity.

A sensory engagement with light plays an important role in House & Garden. The gallery will hold evening viewings throughout the course of the show, where viewers will encounter Corrigan’s floor lamp illuminated alongside the glow of the television, and Clark’s fountains and the surrounding garden shown by landscape-style lights. Immersive and temporal, House & Garden contemplates notions of interior and exterior — both somatic and psychological, experienced and subjective.

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